2017 modification TNM renal cell carcinoma staging

T1aTumor confined to kidney, small, < 4 cm
T1bTumor confined to kidney > 4 cm, < 7 cm
T2aTumor confined to kidney > 7 cm, < 10 cm
T2bTumor confined to kidney > 10 cm
T3aTumor spread to perinephric fat, renal vein or pelvicalyceal system
T3bTumor spread to cava below diaphragm
T3cTumor spread to cava above diaphragm or invades the wall of cava
T4Tumor spread outside Gerota’s fascia, or ipsilateral adrenal gland by contiguous infiltration
N1Metastasis in single lymph node
N2Metastasis in more than one lymph node
M1Distant metastasis