8th edition TNM lung cancer staging

T staging
TxTumor in sputum/bronchial washings but not seen in imaging or bronchoscopy
T0No evidence of tumor
TisCarcinoma in situ
T1≤3 cm surrounded by lung/visceral pleura, not involving main bronchus
T1a(mi)Minimally invasive carcinoma
T1a≤1 cm
T1b>1 to ≤2 cm
T1c>2 to ≤3 cm
T2>3 to ≤5 cm or involvement of main bronchus without carina, regardless of distance from carina or invasion of visceral pleura or atelectasis post-obstructive pneumonitis extending to hilum
T2a>3 to ≤4 cm
T2b>4 to ≤5 cm
T3>5 to ≤7 cm in greatest dimension or tumor of any size that involves chest wall, pericardium, phrenic nerve or satellite nodules in the same lobe
T4>7 cm in greatest dimension or any tumor with invasion of mediastinum, diaphragm, heart, great vessels, recurrent laryngeal nerve, carina, trachea, oesophagus, spine or separate tumor in different lobes of ipsilateral lung
N staging
N1Ipsilateral peribronchial and/or hilar nodes and intrapulmonary nodes
N2Ipsilateral mediastinal and/or subcarinal nodes
N3Contralateral mediastinal or hilar; ipsilateral/contralateral scalene/supraclavicular
M staging
M1Distant metastasis
M1aTumor in contralateral lung or pleural/pericardial nodule/malignant effusion
M1bSingle extrathoracic metastasis, including single non-regional lymph node
M1cMultiple extrathoracic metastases in one or more organs
Stage grouping