Biophysical profile score

Check 4 parameters in 30 minute duration.

Scoring system used gives 0 or 2 points for each parameter

6/8 or 8/8 is considered normal

If score is <6 on 8, do additional test like non-stress test

BPP suggests good fetal tissue oxygenation.

Abnormal BPP means fetal acidemia

Parameter2 points
Thoracic movement1 or more 30 second continuous breaching
Gross body movement3 or more discrete body movement (trunk roll, spine flexion/extensions, gross limb movement)
Fetal tone1 or more active extension then flexion of 1 limb (hand open and close accepted)
Amniotic fluid1 or more pocket of fluid 2 or more cm in vertical axis
Non stress test2 or more heart acceleration (>15 bpm for 15 sec) and 1 fetal movement