Cardiac lipoma

  • Slow growing neoplasm of mature adipose tissue
  • Arise from epicardium, myocardium or endocardium, even interatrial septum
  • Common in right atrium at level of interatrial septum
  • Epicardial location, narrow attachment point and growth into pericardial space is typical
  • CT
    • Well circumscribed
    • Homogeneous fat attenuation (-50 to -150 HU)
    • Occasionally show internal soft tissue septa
    • D/D: lipomatous hypertrophy of interatrial septum. Accumulation of brown fat results in diameter of septum > 2 cm. It spares the fossa ovalis giving a dumb-bell appearance
  • MRI
    • Fat signal in T1 and T2
    • No soft tissue component
    • No contrast enhancement
    • If any soft tissue component or enhancement seen – possible sarcomatous change
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