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Adrenal dysfunction

Diagnosed clinically and biochemically Imaging to identify causal lesion, unilateral or bilateral, plan surgical or medical management Types  Cortical hyperfunction Cushing’s syndrome Conn’s syndrome Adrenogenital syndrome Medullary hyperfunction Adrenal medullary hyperplasia Pheochromocytoma […]

Adrenal myelolipoma

Rare Benign, non-functioning Adrenocortical dysfunction in 10% <5 cm, solitary Hematopoietic precursor cells and mature adipose tissue  May have fibromyxoid degeneration, hemorrhage, necrosis, calcification Asymptomatic  Large lesions sometimes cause abdominal pain or […]

Adrenal cysts

Endothelial cyst Vascular cyst Endothelial lining 45% of adrenal cysts 2/3 in females 8% bilateral May have residual adrenocortical tissue in wall  Hemorrhagic cyst Pseudocyst 39% of adrenal cysts Middle-aged women  Seen […]

Imaging an adrenal mass

Incidental masses in 5% of abdominal scans 6% of people >60 years carry an adrenal adenoma. 70-80% of these are non-functioning Prevalence of 9-13% in patients with an extra-adrenal malignancy In a […]

Transplant pancreas imaging

Graft rejection is best demonstrated by MRI T1 drop in signal to similar to skeletal muscle T2 signal similar to fluid  Perfusion studies will demonstrate decreased blood flow Acute rejection: Gland will […]

Multi-system disease involving pancreas

Cystic fibrosis Autosomal recessive Defects of serous and mucous secretion 85% have exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, steatorrhea  Main duct and branch ducts obstructed by inspissated secretions Acinar and ductal dilatation Atrophy of pancreas […]

Metastasis to pancreas

Rare, occur late in disease Lung, breast, kidney and melanoma 3 patterns described: multiple small nodules, diffuse infiltration, solitary mass Kidney origin lesions may appear hyper enhancing and mimic neuroendocrine tumors

Neuroendocrine tumors of pancreas

Functioning or non-functioning depending on hormonal hyper secretion Functioning tumors produce a peptide hormone and has a clinical syndrome Non-functioning tumors have a better prognosis Insulinoma, gastrinoma, glucagonoma, VIPoma, somatostatinoma  20% NETs […]