Chondrosarcoma of hand

  • Malignant tumors of hand extremely rare
  • Most common is chondrosarcoma due to malignant transformation of pre-existing enchondroma
  • Enchondroma turning malignant most common in Ollier disease (multiple enchondromas)
  • Quite often diagnosed as late as 10 years after onset. No specific clinical symptoms
  • Rarely ever metastasize, so local amputation is done to avoid recurrence
  • Metacarpal or phalangeal chondral tumor usually seen in proximal phalanx
  • Essentially indistinguishable from encondromas which are expansile and can show deep cortical scalloping
  • Presence of focal osteolysis and soft tissue calcification should point towards malignant change
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Bernard, Stephanie A., et al. “Improved differentiation of benign osteochondromas from secondary chondrosarcomas with standardized measurement of cartilage cap at CT and MR imaging.” Radiology 255.3 (2010): 857-865.