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Lumbosacral root syndrome

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Root injuryDermatome painMuscle suppliedMovement weaknessReflex involved
L1Groin Iliopsoas Hip flexion Cremaster 
L2Anterior aspect thighIliopsoas, sartorius, hip adductorsHip flexion, adductionCremaster 
L3Medial aspect of kneeIliopsoas, sartorius, quadriceps, hip adductorsHip flexion, knee extension, hip adductionPatellar
L4Medial aspect of calfTibialis anterior, quadricepsFoot inversion, knee extensionPatellar 
L5Lateral part of lower leg, dorsal of footExtensor hallucis longus, extensor digitorum longusToe extension, ankle dorsiflexionNone 
S1Lateral edge of footGastrocnemius, soleusAnkle plantar flexionAnkle jerk
S2Posterior thighFlexor digitorum longus, flexor hallucis longusAnkle plantar flexion, toe flexionNone 
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