PD weighted imaging

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  • Manipulating TR and TE helps us to weight the contrast of the image to a certain parameter while diminishing the impact of other parameters
  • In PD weighting, the intrinsic contrast of tissues is accentuated. This is done by reducing the T1 and T2 effects on imaging
  • A long TR reduces T1 effects, a short TE reduces T2 effects. This is best for PD weighting
  • Lower the density of protons, lower the transverse magnetization, hence lower the signal
  • PD weighting is good for showing both anatomy and to a certain extent pathology simultaneously
What values do you enter to get a PD weighted image?
  • TR: 2000 ms or more
  • TE: 10 – 30 ms
What are the common sequences used to produce T1 weighted imaging?
  • Spin echo
  • Turbo spin echo