8th edition TNM colorectal cancer staging

StageTumor extentDukes5-year survival
IT1 – invades submucosa T2 – invades muscularis propria No nodal involvement, no distant metastasisA85-95%
IIT3 – invades outside muscularis propria T4a – invades visceral peritoneum T4b – invades other organs No nodal involvement, no distant metastasisB60-80%
IIIN1 – 1 to 3 lymph nodes N2 – more than 3 lymph nodesC30-60%
IVaM1a – distant metastasis to one organD<10%
IVbM1b – distant metastasis to more than one organD<10%
IVcMetastasis to peritoneum with or without distant organ involvementD<10%
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Weiser, Martin R. “AJCC 8th edition: colorectal cancer.” Annals of surgical oncology 25.6 (2018): 1454-1455.