8th edition TNM prostate cancer staging

T – primary tumor (clinical staging)
TXPrimary tumor cannot be assessed
T0No evidence of primary tumor
T1Clinically inapparent tumor that is not palpable  T1a – tumor incidental histological finding in 5% or less of tissue resected T1b – tumor incidental histological finding in more than 5% of tissue resected T1c – tumor identified by needle biopsy
T2Tumor that is palpable and confined to prostate T2a – tumor involves one half of one lobe or less T2b – tumor involves more than half of one lobe but not both lobes T2c – tumor involves both lobes
T3Tumor extends through the prostate capsule T3a – extracapsular extension (uni or bilateral) including microscopic bladder neck involvement T3b – tumor invades seminal vesicle(s)
T4Tumor is fixed or invades adjacent structures other than seminal vesicles – external sphincter, rectum, levator muscles and/or pelvic wall
N – regional lymph nodes
NXRegional lymph nodes cannot be assessed
N0No regional lymph node metastasis
N1Regional lymph node metastasis
M – distant metastasis
M0No distant metastasis
M1Distant metastasis
M1a Non-regional lymph node(s) M1b Bone(s) M1c Other site(s)